26 January 2023

Strafbarkeit bei Datenschutzverletzungen, (Criminal Punishment of Data Privacy Violations)

Schulthess Forum Data Privacy 2023, Zurich

24 November 2022

Verteidigung von Unternehmen bei Compliance-Verstössen, (Criminal Defense of Enterprises for Compliance Violations)

Schulthess Forum White Collar Crime 2022, Zurich

28 April 2022

Der Anwalt als Monitor. Gedanken eines ehemaligen Monitors, (Attorneys Acting as Monitors. Some Thoughts from a Former Monitor)

Zurich Bar Association, Compliance Practice Group

30 March 2022

Fallstricke im Kontext eines GwG-Meldeverfahrens (Pitfalls in the Context of Proceedings for Reporting-Duty Violations under the Swiss Money Laundering Act)

FinTech 7.0, EuropaInstitut Zurich

11 November 2021

Compliance und Korruption in Unternehmen

guest lecture at the University of Basel

16 August 2021

Appearance at the webinar by “Weblaw” titled «Panel discussion of the Justice Initiative, in particular on the aspect of random selection»

5 November 2021

Appearance on the television program “Arena” on the topic of the “Justice Initiative”

Swiss television SRF 1

15 November 2019

Vertretung von Unternehmen im Verfahren

5th Corporate Criminal Law Days, University of Zurich

14 May 2019

Von der internen Untersuchung zur externen Heimsuchung – was nützen mir interne Untersuchungen extern?

2nd Financial Law Conference, Zurich

20 March 2017

Defective Corporate Culture and Integrity Flaws as Root Causes of Fraud: A Compliance Monitor’s View

ACFE - Fraud Conference Europe

2 December 2016

Compliance Monitor?

"Recht aktuell FORUM" (Basel University): Corporate Criminal Liability: Compliance – When and What For?

1 September 2016

Anti Corruption Compliance: How Do You Get it Right? A Compliance Monitor’s View

St. Gall Conference on Criminal Law (St. Gall University)

18 May 2016

Risk-based approach (RBA) to administrative inquiries in commercial enterprises engaged in public contracts and public procurement activities – How to identify corruption risk in commercial enterprises engaged in public contracts

Council of Europe, seminar under the "South Programme"

28 April 2016

Investigations and criminal procedures from the perspective of legal persons: case study

Council of Europe Regional Workshop "Legislative Toolkit on Liability of Legal Persons"

11 March 2016

Legal Protection During Automatic Exchange of Information

Swiss Conference on Banking Law 2016

29 January 2016

Corporate Compliance Monitorship at the Behest of DOJ – Explained by a Monitor

"Lectures at Lunch Series", Europa Institut Zurich (Co-Presentation with Murat Üranüz)

12 November 2015

Compliance Management Systems: What Does a Compliance Monitor Expect?«

14th Frankfurt Symposium on Compliance & Corporate Criminal Law (Co-Presentation with Murat Üranüz)

18 May 2015

Compliance Abroad – Difficult Challenges by Local „Customs“

Seminar hosted by Baker & McKenzie Zurich

14 May 2014

Banks in the Focus of Authorities

full day seminar given for the Institut on Financial Services (IFZ), Zug

19 December 2013

Qualified Tax Fraud as Predicate Offence to Money Laundering in Dealing with Corporate Clients

speech held for Credit Suisse, General Counsel Switzerland: Corporate Compliance Train the Trainer Programme

29 May 2013

New Predicate Offences to Money Laundering

Annual Meeting of the Swiss Association of Compliance Officers (SACO), Zurich

18 April 2013

My Client is a Fraudster – What Now? Criminal Defence in Fraud Matters

seminar hosted by the Europa Institut Zurich, Zurich University

23 August 2012

Criminal Directors’ and Officers’ Culpability for Product Safety – a Safety Risk for Management and Legal Departments?

seminar hosted by the Europa Institut Zurich, Zurich University

14 May 2012

Compliance – how to act correctly in order to avoid criminal and civil liability for wrongdoing by employees

speech at client seminar hosted by Baker & McKenzie Zurich

12 April 2012

New Predicate Offences for Money Laundering – a Legislative Misdeed?

speech at the Europa Institut Zurich, Zurich University

11 March 2011

Third Party Due Diligence

speech for SwissHoldings Working Group on Compliance, Bern, Switzerland

28 February 2011

“My supplier is corrupt – why should it matter to me”?

speech at business briefing hosted by Baker & McKenzie Zurich

30 September 2010

Compliance Management for companies carrying on business in China: main issues

speech and practitioners’ workshop at seminar hosted by Transparency International Switzerland

3 June 2010

Anti-Corruption Compliance

Speech for "Joint Chambers of Commerce", Zurich

20 April 2010


Compliance-Workshop by Law in Context, Zürich

4 April 2010

Current legal issues relating to corruption and compliance

workshop for practitioners hosted by Vereon AG

25 February 2010

“Anti-Corruption Compliance”

speech for Swiss-Israeli Chamber of Commerce Zürich

1 February 2010

Fraud and anti-corruption in entrepreneurial practice

guest lecture at the Executive MBA program at St. Gall University, Switzerland

27 October 2009

„Criminal culpability: current trends”

speech at Corporate Law Forum hosted by St. Gall University

23 March 2009

Impunity of Corrupt Corporate Practices as a Consequence of Permissive Culture and Failing Concepts. A Business Lawyer‘s Perspective.

Conference hosted by the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Council of Europe at the German Bundestag in Berlin

14 November 2008

Compliance: preventive measures against corruption in the private sector (under the UN Convention Against Corruption)

annual meeting of "SVIR" (Swiss Association for International Law) at the Zurich University, Switzerland

30 May 2008

The Swiss Perspective on Anti-Corruption Compliance

Client seminar hosted by Baker & McKenzie in Kyiv, Ukraine

11 May 2007

Criminal culpability of legal persons under Swiss law

36th conference of the European Lawyers’ Association "DACH"

27 March 2007

Switzerland’s Approach to Confiscation and Corruption-related Money Laundering

expert seminar for Eastern Europe and Central Asia on the criminalisation of corruption, hosted by the OSCE, OECD, UNODC and the Council of Europe in Almaty, Kazakhstan

26 March 2007

Liability of Legal Persons for Corruption A Swiss Perspective

expert seminar for Eastern Europe and Central Asia on the criminalisation of corruption, hosted by the OSCE, OECD, UNODC and the Council of Europe in Almaty, Kazakhstan

31 October 2006

Exposure of criminal liability for globally-acting Swiss enterprises and their management: criminal liability of the enterprise, principal’s liability, money laundering

seminar hosted by the Europa Institut Zurich, Zurich University