Mark Livschitz

out of difficult

Dr. iur., Attorney at Law, Certified Specialist SBA Criminal Law

Mark Livschitz, Dr. iur., Attorney at Law, Certified Specialist SBA Criminal Law

Ways out of difficult situations

I advise and represent individuals and companies preferably in the areas of white-collar crime and criminal law compliance. I act as a criminal defense attorney as well as a private plaintiff's representative before all criminal prosecution authorities and courts in German-speaking Switzerland.

Based on my professional experience since 1996, I work out targeted ways out of difficult situations - with personal commitment, the routine from countless court appearances and surefootedness in difficult terrain.

I offer my clients access to a proven national and international network of specialized service providers and advise in German, English, Italian, French and Russian.

Compliance and Integrity

I also offer companies long-standing, cross-border expertise in compliance and integrity - among other things due to several years of work as a compliance monitor for the US DOJ and various advisory and investigation activities for companies of different sizes and industries - from SMEs to large multinational corporations, from retailers to factory suppliers.

Mark Livschitz, Dr. iur., Attorney at Law, Certified Specialist SBA Criminal Law

Selected activities

2007 and 2016: Lecturing as anti-corruption expert in development projects of the OSCE, OECD, UNODC and the Council of Europe in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

2014–2018: Worked for the US DOJ and an M-DAX corporation as an Independent Compliance Monitor.

2018–2021: Successful defense of a high-profile politician in a mass-media Swiss criminal case.

Since 2022: Arbitrator for an AML SRO in compliance disputes with SRO members.

Academic and publishing activities: between 2009 and 2019, various lecturing assignments at the Universities of Bern, Fribourg and St. Gallen on criminal law and/or compliance-related topics. Lecturer in the Swiss Bar Association’s specialization course Certified Specialist SBA Criminal Law. Numerous professional publications and media contributions, in particular on criminal law or compliance-related topics. Regular academic and non-academic speaker activity.